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Pitney Bowes DM60 Review

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Have You Compared Franking Machine Prices In The Last 12 Months?

Investing in a Pitney Bowes DM60 franking machine is a simple and effective way to reduce mailing costs, make your mailing process more efficient and give your outgoing mail a more professional appearance. A franking machine adds a sense of class to anything you send, setting your business apart from the competition when your mail comes through your customers’ letterboxes.

At Business Quotes, you can compare the prices of franking machines from Royal Mail-approved companies. From there, you can see what the best franking machines are for you, and you can better control your costs. One of the franking machines that have Royal Mail approval is the Pitney Bowes DM60. With leading specifications and a competitive price, this franking machine could be the solution for a business of any size.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global company with over 90 years of expertise in providing businesses with the services and products they need to thrive. This includes services in mailing, shipping, office equipment, global ecommerce and software. The company works with businesses of every size from small business to the 90% of the Fortune 500.

The brand is 1 of only 4 authorised by Royal Mail to supply franking machines in the UK and they offer a range of machines for every volume of mail output. With the Pitney Bowes DM60 franking machine, you can benefit from a franking machine that offers an envelope printing speed of up to 18 letters per minute, a range of security options for your peace of mind, and the ability to send franked mail anywhere in the world.

pitney bowes dm60

Specification for the DM60

Volume & Capacity
Recommended Mail Per Day30/day
Integrated Scale Capacity2.5kg
Envelope Printing SpeedUp to 18 letters per minute
Software & Security
Pin secured:Yes
Software UpdatesAutomatically download software updates and postage rates
Mail typesParcels & letters
Secured postage Funds: Pin SecuredYes
Classes & Services
Mailmark Available:Yes
First Class Available:Yes
Second Class Available:Yes
Royal Mail Signed for:Yes
Special Delivery:Yes
International Airmail:Yes
Mailmark Guaranteed Lowest Prices:Yes
Features & Supplies
Integrated Scale:4kg
PC Compatible:Yes
Ink Cartridge Typical Cost£82.95
Other Information
Envelope Thickness9.5mm
Feed MethodManual Envelope feeding
Print cost4.9p
Advertisements5 advertisements
Ink warnings?No
Low Postage Funds Warning?No
Accounts10 as standard

Key Features & Benefits

Multiple Accounts

Set up a separate user or department account to keep track of your company’s postal budget. The Pitney Bowes DM60 franking machine includes 10 accounts as standard.

Advertising Messages

Print advertising messages, QR codes or logos on your outgoing mail envelopes to reinforce your brand with recipients. The Pitney Bowes DM60 franking machine includes 5 standard templates and the capacity for you to create 1 of your own.

Secure Funds

Your postage funds are protected by a 4-digit PIN so you can avoid misuse or mistakes by unauthorised employees.

Compact Design

The Pitney Bowes DM60 will fit into even the smallest office spaces with a sleek, contemporary design and compact dimensions of just 351 x 231 x 264mm.

Mailmark Enabled

Your Pitney Bowes DM60 will feature Mailmark, the latest technology from Royal Mail that adds a special barcode to your mail. This barcode is then tracked so you always know where your mail is and when it’s being delivered. With accurate tracking and reporting you can follow your mail and inform your contact and marketing teams.

Automatic Updates & Downloads

The Pitney Bowes DM60 is connected to the internet and will automatically download the latest Royal Mail tariff and software so you’re always receiving the very latest franking discounts and can avoid human errors and fines.

royal mail franking machines

Is a DM60 Franking Machine Right for Your Business?

Franking your mail with a Pitney Bowes DM60 rather than sending via standard post can deliver significant savings in terms of both time and money. It will automatically calculate the right postage using the integrated 2.5kg scale and the very latest Royal Mail tariff so you avoid errors and fines. It will frank mail at a speed of 18 letters per minute saving you significant administration time so you can focus on other areas of your business. It’s also very easy to add more postage credit to your account either over the phone or online. And, because it’s connected to the internet, it will automatically update its own software so you don’t need to manually update.

If your business sends less than 30 items of mail per day, the Pitney Bowes DM60 franking machine from Pitney Bowes is a great choice. It gives you the flexibility and control you need as a small business, meaning you can react quickly to any pressing needs and keep your business moving forward. Not only that, you’ll get a franking machine from a company with years of experience in the sector.

Pitney Bowes DM60 Franking Machine Prices

If you’d like to invest in the Pitney Bowes DM60 to benefit from more competitive franking machine prices, then choose Business Quotes! We can help you compare prices for a range of franking machines to help you save.

You can get in touch with us by calling 01223 776 104, or you can start your franking machine price comparison quote today if you click here.

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