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Pitney Bowes DM300M Review

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Have You Compared Franking Machine Prices In The Last 12 Months?

Businesses of every size can benefit from investing in a franking machine to process their outgoing mail. Not only are there big savings to be made through Royal Mail discounts, but a franking machine will also save you time particularly if your business sends a high volume of mail.

In the case of the DM300M franking machine from Pitney Bowes, it will process up to 300 items of mail per day at a speed of 65 letters per minute.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes are one of only four Royal Mail approved franking machine manufacturers. The brand has over 90 years of expertise in supporting businesses all over the world and an excellent reputation for customer support. Their services cover a range of business solutions such as software, ecommerce, shipping and mailing for small to large businesses.

Volume & Capacity
Recommended Mail Per Day300 items per day
Integrated Scale Capacity5kg
Envelope Printing Speed65 letters per minute
Software & Security
Pin secured:Yes
Software UpdatesN/A
Mail typesParcels & letters
Envelope printing speed65 letters per minute
Secured postage Funds: Pin SecuredYes
Classes & Services
Mailmark Available:Yes
First Class Available:Yes
Second Class Available:Yes
Royal Mail Signed for:Yes
Special Delivery:Yes
International Airmail:Yes
Mailmark Guaranteed Lowest Prices:Yes
Features & Supplies
Integrated Scale:5kg (can be upgraded to 7kg, 12kg or 35 kg)
PC Compatible:Yes
Ink Cartridge Typical Cost£134.95
Other Information
Envelope Thickness9.5mm
Feed MethodSemi-Automatic envelope feeding
Advertisements20 advertisements
Ink warnings?Yes
Low Postage Funds Warning?Yes
AccountsUp to 100

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Key Features & Benefits

Multiple User Accounts

The DM300M includes 25 user accounts as standard but you can extend this up to 100 if needed to monitor your postage costs by department.

Advertising Messages

The DM300M includes 5 standard printable advertising messages with the option to download more if needed. Printing advertising messages, logos or QR codes on your envelopes is a great way to reinforce your brand.

Protected by PIN Security

You can rest assured that your postage funds are safe and the franking machine protected from misuse with a 4-digit PIN code.

Create & Store Up to 10 Presets

Simplify and speed up your mail processing by creating up to 10 presets for the kind of mail you send most often.

Differential Weighing

The integrated 5kg scale can perform differential weighing which means you can place all the mail on the scale at once, then remove a piece one by one. The machine will accurately calculate the postage for each item as it is removed and apply the correct postage.

Compact Design

Compact and sleek dimensions of just 370mm x 435mm x 315mm to suit just about any size of office or post room.

Mailmark Barcoding

Print a Mailmark barcode on outgoing mail to track it at each stage of its journey.


IntelliLink technology automatically downloads the latest Royal Mail postage costs and software to ensure you’re always up to date, avoiding postage errors and fines.

Semi-automatic Envelope Feeder

Streamline your mail processing and improve efficiency with the semi-automatic envelope feeder.

Is a DM300M Franking Machine Right for Your Business?

The DM300M has been designed by Pitney Bowes for businesses with a high volume of outgoing mail; it will process 300 items a day at a rate of 65 letters per minute. You also have the option to upgrade the integrated scale up to 35kg if your business sends larger parcels. This functionality has the potential to transform a business’ mail system in terms of money saved through franking discounts. In addition, the semi-automatic envelope feeder and the capacity for differential weighing are huge time savers. It’s a powerful machine but also includes user friendly features such as the 7-line graphic display, dedicated function (clearly labelled) keys and QWERTY keyboard.

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