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What is the best office phone system hire? If your business needs a new phone system, then making the right decision can move your company forward into the future. Thanks to VoIP technology, modern phone office systems are becoming more digitally adept and reliable than ever before. Nowadays, most office phone system hire options are digital, meaning you can take your business into the modern world.

However, the right office phone system hire can do so much more. In many cases, using a business-specific phone system can lead to lower call costs, reducing your overheads and streamlining your expenditure. You can also get long-distance and international calls with many providers without the high costs and bad connection quality they could lead to in the past. Finally, an office phone system hire is easy to scale and control.

But what is the best office phone system hire? Depending on the needs of your business, you could be looking for something high-end, basic, or for an option that has a particular feature that’s crucial to you. The best way to find all of those options quickly, though, is with Business Quotes. Our innovative price comparison tool lets you find low prices for the best office phone system hire options in minutes, and you can save money on your hire!

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Best Office Phone System Hire Type

There are many factors to consider when working out the best office phone system hire for your business. One crucial one you might not have thought about straight away is the type of phone system you can choose. In the past, most office phone systems ran off traditional landlines, but these are becoming outdated nowadays. Because of this, the majority of office phone systems are now running on digital infrastructure.

You’ll most likely find an office phone system that uses cloud-based VoIP. VoIP is a digital technology that turns your voice into packets of data that transfer over the internet, meaning the whole call runs digitally. Not only that, it means you can make calls from almost any device with a WiFi connection, including laptops, tablets and desktops. Apart from BT, which relies on its mobile network infrastructure, all the main providers use cloud-based VoIP.

Best Office Phone System Hire Features

Another reason to pick one office phone system over the other is the features it provides. For example, you may have global clients in your business, meaning international calling is a must. Not only that, you might want a system that has video conferencing software as standard. While most office phone system hires offer this feature, you might find that a few providers offer it as an optional extra for an added cost.

Other features can be helpful for an office phone system as well. You could benefit from on-hold marketing, maintenance support and even touchscreen VoIP hardware in addition to VoIP services. So, if you have a particular need for your business, there will be an office phone system hire that helps you find it. And, with Business Quotes, you can compare the plans of leading providers to see how you could get it at the best price.

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Best Office Phone System Hire Cost

There are some major differences in the cost of office phone system hire. It’s because while some providers offer more basic packages, you could pay a lot more for a high-end package with more advanced features. A great example of this is the range of packages offered by 8×8 for their office phone systems. Their price range can go from £8 a month for a basic package to up to £169 if you need a premium plan.

Additionally, it’s hard to tell what companies will charge for their office phone systems straight away. It’s because many leading companies offer bespoke plans, meaning that you have to request a quote through them directly. All of this can take time, making searching for the best office phone system cost on your own a large undertaking. Fortunately, Business Quotes can help you compare prices to determine how much you can save in minutes.

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Best Office Phone System Hire with Business Quotes

Business Quotes compares office phone system hire prices, so you don’t have to. When you start your comparison with us, it only takes minutes to enter your details to let us know what you’re looking for. From there, you’ll see the quotes you need from leading providers, and you can get a better idea of the prices they’ll offer. At that point, you’ll have all the information in front of you to help you make a well-informed investment.

By choosing Business Quotes, then, you can save time as well as money. You’ll only need a few minutes to get multiple quotes, meaning the whole process of making an office phone system hire becomes straightforward. Not only that, you can spend more time focusing on more important areas of your business. We believe that supplying your business with new technology should be as smooth a process as possible.

If you’re on the lookout for a new office phone system hire, then talk to us today. You can start your price comparison using our online tool now or get in touch with our friendly team to ask us any questions you may have.

We look forward to helping you!

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