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If you’re renting a property and don’t have landlord insurance, it’s never been a better time to get it. Up to a quarter of homes in the UK will be private rentals in the next few years, meaning that more landlord insurance plans pop up. With the uncertainty in recent months, landlord insurance also gives you something more to rely on with your properties.

But how do you know which is the best landlord insurance in the UK? What should you look out for, and how do you know you’re getting a great deal? At Business Quotes, we’ve created this handy guide to landlord insurance that helps you get a better idea of what you need. Then, you can get competitive quotes for insurance through us for free.

best landlord insurance uk

Why Invest in Landlord Insurance?

Landlord insurance can cover you for several things. If you have tenants living in one of your homes, it can be not easy to trust them. After all, they might cause damage to parts of your home, or issues could develop over time. Without insurance, though, you could be in a tight spot if things go wrong. You won’t have any cover against problems like damage and theft.

Most landlord insurance plans have both buildings and contents cover, though. Buildings cover makes sure any damage to the house itself is covered, while contents insurance protects things like furniture inside the home, rather than the building. Because of this, if there are problems with either, you won’t have to worry with your landlord insurance.

Also, landlord insurance can help you with short-term issues. If there’s a disruption to the gas, electricity, heating or water supply, then many insurance plans cover you for this. And, if you get into a legal dispute with your tenant, your insurance could cover you for the legal costs as well. All these things are why landlord insurance is a great investment.

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Best Landlord Insurance Plans in the UK

So, what are the best landlord insurance plans in the UK? They should protect you against a range of issues that could occur inside one of your homes for a start. For example, a good insurance plan should have theft cover, rent guarantee insurance and cover for lost rental income due to flood or fire damage. If a plan is missing any of these, it might not be comprehensive enough.

Liability cover is also a huge part of the best landlord insurance plans. With some sites, you can get as much as £5m of cover in the event of any issues. However, some sites only offer around £2m and don’t cover certain problems. It’s always better to get full cover than cover that’s selective.

Other parts of the UK’s best landlord insurance can be cover for malicious damage, white goods, and unauthorised use of utilities. With all of those covered, you’ll be able to rent out your property with much greater peace of mind. Also, there is a way you can invest in the best landlord insurance in the UK for less money than you might think.

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The Cost of The Best Landlord Insurance

The cost of landlord insurance can put a lot of people off of taking out a plan. But, if you’re willing to invest, you could find that you save a lot of money in the long run. For example, you could get £5m of liability cover, giving you total peace of mind should any issues develop for several reasons in your home. Also, loss of rent guarantees keeps you afloat if your tenants are struggling to.

You could even find that you make your landlord insurance cost back over time, and then some. With the best landlord insurance in the UK, you could get cover against flood and fire damage, buildings and contents. As homeowners have more responsibility, a new insurance plan can cover you against it.

And, when you search for landlord insurance with Business Quotes, you can get cover for less! That’s because you can search through our site to find multiple quotes for a range of landlord insurance plans. You can explore each part of the plan to work out what cover you want and need, and you can pay a much lower price for your insurance!

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