Are Ricoh Photocopiers Any Good?

Many businesses have the need to use a photocopier. If you are in the position to buy one you will probably be weighing up your options and considering the various brands you can buy. One name you are bound to come across is Ricoh.

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Have You Compared Photocopier Prices In The Last 12 Months?

Facts about Ricoh

Ricoh started life in the UK in 1980. After beginning in London and opening several other sites around the country, the company eventually settled in Middlesex at its new HW in 1988.

In 1995 the company launched the Aficio range – a name associated even today with their photocopiers. In 2005 the company achieved one of their many firsts – a copier where 50% of the materials used in its creation were plant-based.

Reviews for Ricoh photocopiers

A quick look online for reviews of Ricoh photocopiers reveals encouraging results. Many sites have reviews offering four or five out of five. One of the Aficio models scored highly on speed and quality, while coming out well with day-to-day demands. This was the MP C3000 model.

Elsewhere the MP C3002AD model in the Aficio range received 5/5 reviews from eight people. Comments included “very happy”, “game changer” and “highly recommended”.

There are several models of Ricoh photocopiers on the market today so it makes sense to compare them so you can choose the most appropriate model for your needs. Here are three examples from the current range, any one of which could be ideal for your business requirements.

Aficio MP 1900

This machine is capable of producing 19 pages every 60 seconds, enabling you to go through a huge amount of photocopying in a short period of time. It will also suit businesses where space is at a premium, since it offers a more compact unit than many other photocopiers do.

The MP 1900 also provides you with a fast start, since it takes a mere 10 seconds for the machine to warm up. Furthermore it takes less than seven seconds for the first photocopy to be produced. The keys provided are easy to see and use and the buttons are large enough to minimise incorrect key strokes.

The recommended retail price for this copier is £2,220 but it is possible to find a new one for much less than this. Typical prices seen online include £843 and even £616, although these prices can exclude VAT. Always check before you opt for a particular outlet.

Aficio MP C2050

This is a larger model than the one mentioned above but it still manages to take up a minimal amount of floor space. It offers printing and scanning facilities as well as copying, and it is quiet to operate too, meaning you can situate it close to your workspace without getting interrupted by the noise.

It can handle up to 20 copies per minute regardless of whether they are colour or black and white. It also has a number of trays – two for paper that can accommodate 250 sheets each, and one for 100 sheets used as a bypass tray. The machine can take a total of 1,600 sheets. Each tray provided is also capable of taking a variety of paper weights depending on your requirements. It is also able to accept a huge range of different media, making it even more versatile.

As you would expect this is a more expensive model, coming in at around £7,644 at the recommended retail price. However you can get it much cheaper than that. Typical prices can be around £3,400 including VAT (£2,895 without VAT).

Aficio MP C5000

If the model number goes up you can be sure the copier is higher up in the range and thus pricier too. This MP C5000 Ricoh copier is capable of handling all your office requirements when you need a digital colour copier that can deliver on time every time. It takes less than a minute to warm up when you switch it on, and after that you will wait just three and a half seconds for a black and white copy or a little under six seconds for a colour copy.

There are two paper cassettes, each capable of holding 550 standard sheets. The machine can handle a variety of paper sizes from A6 to A3 and once the machine is up and running it delivers up to 50 pages per minute for either black and white or colour copying. It also delivers double-sided copies if required. The RRP for this copier is a little over £20,000 but it is possible to pick one up for less than half that amount if you shop around.

In short, a Ricoh copier could be just what you need for your office. Regardless of the size of your office or the demands you will place on your photocopier, Ricoh has a wide-ranging collection that is sure to deliver what you need.

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