Pitney Bowes DM110i Review

Franking your business’ outgoing mail is a great way to save money on postage costs, streamline your mailing process and give your mail a more professional appearance.

If your business sends around 100 items of mail per day, the DM110i franking machine from Pitney Bowes is the ideal solution for your outgoing mail.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is an international company which specialises in products and solutions for businesses of every size. They cover a wide range of services including shipping, mailing, ecommerce and software all designed to improve your business’ performance.

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Save 32% on postage with a franking machine

There are only 4 manufacturers authorised by the Royal Mail to supply franking machines to UK businesses. The product range has been developed to provide small, medium and large businesses with effective machines suited to their needs.

Specification for the DM110i

Volume & Capacity
Recommended Mail Per Day Up to 100 items but not limited
Integrated Scale Capacity 2.5kg
Envelope Printing Speed 25 mail pieces per minute
Software & Security
Pin secured: Yes
Software Updates IntelliLink™ provide new services and update your equipment.
Mail types Parcels & letters
Envelope printing speed 25 mail pieces per minute
Secured postage Funds: Pin Secured Yes


Classes & Services
Mailmark Available: Yes
First Class Available: Yes
Second Class Available: Yes
Royal Mail Signed for: Yes
Special Delivery: Yes
International Airmail: Yes
Mailmark Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Yes


Features & Supplies
Integrated Scale: 2.5kg (can be upgraded to 7kg, 12kg or 35 kg)
PC Compatible: Yes
Ink Cartridge Typical Cost £136.95
Other Information
Envelope Thickness 9.5mm
Feed Method Pass through feeding
Advertisements 10 advertisements
Ink warnings? No
Low Postage Funds Warning? No
Accounts 10 as standard but can have up to 100

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Save 32% on postage with a franking machine

Key Features & Benefits

Multiple User Accounts

The DM110i includes 10 user or department accounts as standard but it is possible to extend this up to 100 accounts for bigger businesses. This makes it really easy to monitor your postal costs by department and keep a tighter hold on the budget.

Print Marketing Messages

You can give your mail a more professional finish and promote your brand by printing marketing messages, logos or QR codes on your mail. 10 advertising templates are included as standard.

PIN Security

Keep your funds safe with the 4-digit PIN code which prevents misuse.

Compact Design

This machine measures just 345 x 230 x 400mm so should fit neatly into any office space.

Mailmark Included

The DM110i will print a Mailmark barcode on your outgoing mail which enables you to accurately track each item of post on its journey.

Automatic Updates & Downloads

You can easily stay up to date with the latest Royal Mail franking costs as the DM100i will automatic update via the internet without you having to lift a finger.

Is a DM110i Franking Machine Right for Your Business?

The DM110i is the perfect franking machine for businesses sending around 100 items of mail a day, although the machine can cope with slightly higher volume if needed occasionally. This machine has an integrated 2.5kg scale and, using the latest IntelliLink technology, it will automatically calculate the correct postage for every item.

The semi-automatic envelope feeder will process envelopes at a speed of 25 letters per minute which is a big time saver for any business. It’s a low maintenance machine as it will automatically update its own software and the latest Royal Mail postage costs via the internet. Pitney Bowes has been providing innovative products and services to businesses all over the world for more than 90 years and is well known for both quality and reliability.

Franking Quote Promo
Save 32% on postage with a franking machine